Saturday, July 31, 2004

A Salute

That last post by Brad, though simple and seemingly casual, inspired me to write this post. Brad is a man who has earned my respect in the short while I've known him, and I think he deserves, at least, every bit of it. The thing I admire most about him is that he is passionate and unwavering. He isn't afraid to voice himself and share what he feels important. On top of his unique sense of humor, he has a remarkable talent as a writer and critic. He is a man of God and a man of the ladies. I hope to have him as a trustworthy friend for years to come.

My hat's off to you sir.

A Fabulous Night of Cinema

7:20- The Village

I very compelling film. Some of Shamalan's best character development, scene tension, dialogue (lotta great quotes), and a great overall experience. Not the best of his work at this point, but still well worth seeing.

After running home for dinner, I met some friends at another theater for:

10:30- The Manchurian Candidate

Wow. An amazing film. Great acting, clever script, and excellent pacing. This film was almost two hours long, but I was glued to the screen the whole time, so it went incredibly fast. Say what you want about it being liberal propaganda, but in my opinion, it critiques both sides, and maybe even one candidate a litte more (his initials are JK)

It's so much fun to see two great movies in one night. But then again, how often do two movies of this caliber come out in one weekend, especially in July?

I recommend all involved parties see these these films, post haste.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Garden State

it seems like every year, there are one or two movies coming out that i just cannot wait to see. back in march, "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" was it for me. now i have set my sights on "garden state." the more i see and read about it, the more i desperately want to see it. i hate this slow release business. maybe it'll make it's way to tulsa eventually. for those of you who are interested in the movie or even just in zach braff, i strongly encourage you to check out the website. it's both informative and entertaining:)

i recommend you watch the "ice" video in the "behind the scenes" section of "making garden state." funny stuff....

on another note, i just got my iBook, and i need help with all that setting up stuff. and, i really want to become a computer efficient individual. so if one of you mac boys wants to help me, i would very much appreciate it:)

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Thanks just in for geting us started

IMG_0664, originally uploaded by adamblakegreen.

well i figured out how to post pic's.

who's who

What's with all the nicknames? Is there an identity crisis going around I missed?

thats illegal......

Well thats what the email i got from Cox said. Here's the story for those of you who haven't been enlightned. I got my new laptop right and I think it's about time to try out some games on it to see how she does. Well I install Medal of Honor and beat it. I'm thinking to myself " Hey that was fun. I wonder if there are any other WWII games that I might like. So I stop by my local Bit Torrent site,, to see what they got. I hear that Call of Duty is a good one, so I proceed to download it. Well, its going really slow and I leave it open for 2-3 days. Then finally I decide to give up and I cancel the download with only about 10% complete. The following day I get this email from Cox. They say that someone has informed them that I am using my connection to post or transmit material that is against their copyright. Half way through I am thinking, " Cox just sent this because I am using up alot of bandwith and they want to scare me from downloading anymore." Then I find attached the email that Cox got from the Entertainment Software Association. It specifically states that I was sharing the game Call of Duty through Bit Torrent on those specific dates. Huh, this isn't a fake. Cox says that if I dont delete the "offending material" within 24 hours they will delete my accounts and cancel my service.

So I did that. Now for those of you who wish to see the email click here.

And be warned..

....they are watching.......

Bringin' Back the Laughs

Well I saw "Anchor Man" for the first time tonight and I gotta say, I laughed alot. This was refreshing because I've been worrying lately about comedic movies and their ability to make me laugh. I grew up watching the greats such as, "Wayne's World", "Billy Madison", and "Tommy Boy". Don't get me wrong, nothing is gonna bring me to tears like Tommy Boy did the first time I saw it, but Anchor Man did better than any movie I'd seen in quite a while. I probably shouldn't have doubted Will Ferrel, but I went in nervously wondering if the movie would live up to its hype. Although cheaply produced and inappropriate at times, Anchor Man gets my vote for a movie to see if you need a nice uplifting or upcheering. Nothing beats that mans wicked awful chest hair. Peace I'm outta here.

hEy GuYz!~!~!

Well...i figured i need to get my first post out of my way. Im still figuring out all this Blogger biznass. On a good note all the camp destin stuff is over...Including the DVDs. Praise God eh? eh? its on to finishing all the other goals I have set for this summer. For those who are curious the rest are: Playing somewhere with Mimo, get a job or two from Case and Associates, Make a freakin sweat short film about somthing cool, clean my closet. If you feel you can help me with them I will help you with yours. Deal?

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

momma needs friends too

The girls were thinking that we should do something for our mom's (and the boy's moms). So Sunday August 8th, I'm having something here at my house for them. We'll probably send out invitations soon. I'll talk to everyone about it when I know more details, but this is just so you can think about it, or let your mom know that it's happening. Do you boys want to be there, or just drop your moms off with us? I don't know...think about it, and let me know your thoughts.

Rules of Mix up the Mix

1. You do not talk about Mix up the mix.

2. You do not talk about Mix up the mix

3. If someone goes limp or taps out during a post, the post is over

4. Only ten people to a blog.

5. One post at a time.

6. No shirts, no shoes.

7. Posts will go on as long as they have to (as long as they don't get boring or resort to repeatedly striking the same key for lines on end)

8. If this is your first time to Mix up the Mix, you have to post comments.

Any questions?

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Ingenuity is my middle name

I went down to the TU area today to mow a lawn and as I was unloading the mower, I realized I forgot something- bags. It wouldn't have been so bad if the grass wasn't eight inches tall, but there was no way I was going back home to get them. I decided that the best solution was to pick a spot in the backyard to empty the grass catcher out. Done and done. It was about the time I figured this out when I realized I had forgotten something else- insect repellant. There were already 4 mosquitos simultaneously sucking blood out of my legs when I bent down to prime the mower, so I swatted them and wiped my bloody hands on my shorts. This was ridiculous. I hadn't been here 5 minutes and I'm already getting eaten alive. I had to come up with a solution. I was trying to think of how I could repel these bloodsuckers away for the next hour when it hit me. Gasoline. I figured that if gasoline was harmful to humans and was flammable, then it would work just fine. I quickly poured some gas out of the spare can and doused my legs. I poured out a few more handfuls and rubbed it on my arms. After soaking every inch of my visible body with gasoline, I stood still and studied the mosquitos' behavior. I wasn't getting bit! I gladly put my headphones in and started mowing. After the initial dizziness of the toxic chemical soaking into my skin, I felt pretty confident that this was going to work. Now I don't know if I was distracted by the task of mowing or if I was just enjoying my music too much, but those mosquitos must have been waiting for that exact moment for the gasoline to wear off, because by the time I was done mowing, I was covered in bites. So much for gasoline. Well, at least one of my ideas worked- unless you find the huge mound of freshly cut grass in the backyard to be unattractive.

There is a chubby kid in every group!!!

This is sweet i have been wanting somthing like this for the group so i hope it works.   where is bible study tonight?

Let's throw down some wax and mix up the mix!

Ok guys, this is a blog where any of us can post, as long as you sign up through the invitation email that you should have recieved. If for some reason you didnt get an email, its either because I didnt have your email address, I had the wrong email address, or I just don't like you. If this is you, just email me at or catch me on AIM at justinclark9 and yell at me. Anyway.. on with the chlorophyl

Oh yeah, thanks to Brian for the clever, yet relevant name for the blog. If it were up to me, it would have been something really stupid like "Recipe For Love" or "Everybody Poops".