Friday, August 06, 2004

First Post Ever in the History of Anne

Is that too long of a title? Is that legal? I'm new at all this blog hullabaloo. That was completely inappropriate usage of hullabaloo.

Today was a fantastic day! I went for a short run this morning, then showered, then shopped with my mom, then went to the high school. You heard me, The High School. Elizabeth needed someone to pick up her schedule, so I was the natural choice. It was so crazy!!! All the kids are so little, and I felt so big and mature! That is, until I was looking confusedly at all the tables of directories and parking permits and senior shirts, and a friendly student worker said, "Are you looking for your schedule? Are you a junior?" And all of a sudden I felt like maybe I wasn't so mature and grownup...

But i ran into so many people from high school today, and we're all in different places in our lives, and it was really humbling and motivating! i really want to read through my yearbook and remind myself of names and faces so I can call people by name when I run into them. I'm excited to see what tomorrow's got for me!

P.S. Brandi Mapes is engaged and is getting married in December! CrAAzy!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

he said balls

Check this out...

musical balls

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Baby Chicken?

Why is Evan not present on this site? What a travesty!

the first thing that came to sarah's head was "finding nemo"

Sarah and I will be at my house for bible study at 8:00 if anyone wants to come.

Monday, August 02, 2004

political hub-ub

i don't know if that's the correct spelling of "hub-ub" but let's face it kids, the election is just around the corner. every other story on yahoo news is about bush or kerry or both and our television sets are inundated with images of these two very unattractive men, vying for our political loyalty. it's nice to take a step back from it all and make fun of them:) check out this animated short. it takes some entertaining, cheap-shots at both candidates.


Manly cool stuff

Cars! Vroom! Fast! Porche! Jag! Dubs! Jeeps! Offroading! 2 Fast 2 Furious!
Ladies! Hot! Oow! Ah, snap, what up girl?
Computers! Macs! G4s and G5s! 1Gig RAM! 1.25 Ghz processor! Video games! Shooting guns in the video games! Killing stuff!
Hunting! Big guns! Eating a lot! Royal Chicken! Deep fried! Greasy! Indegestion!
Poker! Texas Hold 'Em! All In! Pocket Aces! Chips!
Sports! Grunt! Feats of strength!
Power tools! Saw! Drill! (Tim Allen noises)

Okay, I think I've restored Justin and myself to our manliness after that last bit of posting.