Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Awful Truth

I've been keeping this a secret for some time and I feel like it's finally time to say it...I hate poker. And I've only been playing so I could just hang out with you guys more. Don't get me wrong, I value you all greatly as friends and enjoy your company, I just hate the game you all like to play all the time. If I'm going to spend money on a form of entertainment, I like a guarantee that I'm going to enjoy myself, not be bored and feel stupid for being inexperienced. Sorry, it's just not fun for me.

When it comes to hanging out with friends, I prefer watching a movie, tv, or simply talking over a nice dessert at a restaurant. The art of conversation and exchange of ideas are more enjoyable for me than throwing in little blips of conversation while betting and dealing cards. I'm even up for a game sometimes, just not the one racked with technicalities and constant attention.

Those are the facts. So from here on out, I probably won't be too hip to hanging out only to play poker. Don't feel the need to change your habits for my benefit, either. I'm not trying to start an anti-poker campaign by any account. I just thought I'd express how I feel.

That's it.

Questions? Comments?

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ridiculous on so many levels...

I'm pretty sure that if it could, Photoshop would put a restraining order on me. Anyway, the point of this is I got a new phone too. So, my new cell number is (918) 346-1027. Thanks.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Cactus and Couch

I have all my pens, highlighters, and books all set to study for my test, but I just can't get motivated to do that yet. So I am going to post.....So far junior year has been really good. Today Melinda, Kate and I put on our gardening hats (well, just Kate wore one) and we planted our pet cactus out in the Braxton landscaping. Melinda felt like it would be good for the earth. I am not so sure that it is going to make it. Hopefully it won't rain too much on it. It was easy to take care of it in our room, since it doesn't need much light or water. I hope it makes it out there in the real world. Anyways, I am really happy here, and I hope everyone else is just as happy where they are. Melinda and I bought a green couch yesterday. It's really perfect. Smells kind of bad, but it's the shade of green that we both like. Well, I don't have much to say. I just felt like posting something. Oh yeah, we need to get Jenny on this thing. How do we do that? And also, I am the loser who never gets any mail, so if anyone wants to be my pen pal, my address here is ORU CPO 71-0247, 7777 S. Lewis Ave. Tulsa, OK 74171. I promise I'll write you back. It's ridiculus how empty my mailbox is. Alright, bye guys!

Da new Crib,

(Click on Picture)
Since Chap started the crib pics thing, I figured I would add my new crib on here. I havent had time to put up posters or what I will put up some more in about a week. also, Meghan Kinder did the door pics. Amazing huh?