Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Man, remind me to never make a joke again. I was just trying to bring some life back to the blog. I'm definitely not a person that gets easily offended, nor do I try to be politically correct. So, sometimes I forget that other people are more sensitive. I guess I need to water myself down some.

Besides, I got no business pissing off the only friends I have.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Nobody likes to gossip

Does this situation

make anyone else sad? (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner at the World Series together)

And further, does the fact that things like this

now happen in real life make anyone else want to vomit?

Or is it just me?

Woo! Let's get this party started!

Does anybody wanna hang out anytime soon? Since I don't live at Campus Lodge I feel like I only see you guys once a week. Since both my roomates leave on weekends, I nominate my place for a fun place to hang out sometime. Man, we'll get trashed! Nothing makes a person happier than to soak their brain in alcohol!

I'm just kidding. That's a terrible idea. And if you thought I was serious for a moment, you must repent (now).

Man, there sure are a bunch of pretty girls at the University of Oklahoma. I think I'm going to start a club called "The Pretty Girls + Brad Witty Club." That would be a perfect way to meet some of them. Here are some of the details in the charter.

1. All yearly dues go to getting Brad any material thing he wants.
2. The girls each year will compete in a tournament of academic and athletic events. The best girl gets the grand prize of being my girlfriend.
3. Meetings will take the form of going to my favorite restaurant and listening to me and laughing at everything I say.
4. Membership cannot exceed that of 300 girls. That would just be ridiculous. I can't make out with that many girls.
5. Evening meetings will take the form of dance parties where all the lovely ladies think I'm the best dancer they've ever seen. Oh yes, and it's always a disco party. Man, that would be out of sight.
6. Anytime left over will take the form of cooking for me and cleaning my house.

Spread the word everybody! This club's going to be the most fun I've ever had!

How was this for new and creative, Jason? Did I pass?

Dive Bomb ? ?

Boy, this blog kinda went down like a sinking ship. Where's the love and devotion people? Get your creative juices flowing and express yourselves already. I never want to keep staring at a picture of Baby Chicken all bloodied up.