Wednesday, November 24, 2004


So is anyone else having a problem with the blog displaying pictures. Anytime I am on a computer with 1024x768 resolution or less it displays the page wrong.

As you can see, it pushes the entries down the page untill there is nothing in the left sidebar. It's really annoying.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I just wanted to say that I started a new blog, because i realized that no one could get to my mindsay blog. Mindsay did this weird thing where only mindsay users could see the blogs, so i decided i didn't like that very much. My new site is There isn't much there yet, but eventually there will be. I know I haven't had the best record of keeping up with those things, but next semester I'll have internet access again and I'll be bored in Tulsa most of the time, so I think there will be a lot more to read soon.

Tonight I went to the Thanksgiving service at Asbury. It was really nice. Dub led worship and it was great. I don't remember the last time I worshiped.... I think it's been a long time. Its such an amazing thing to get to do. Its one of the only things that we can give God that he doesn't have already. He doesn't have our praise until we give it to him. Thats a pretty cool idea.

Anyway, I'm excited about seeing everyone soon, and I'm excited about Turkey and pie. I love this holiday. That's all i have.

Photoshop fun

dynamic duo copy
Originally uploaded by packse.
Sorry to blog block you Chap but you kids are always posting the things you create and I, for once, have created something so ridiculous I had to share it. I've been wanting to learn how to use Photoshop for a while now so here is my first (and probably last) foray into the world of digital imaging. Enjoy.

Party like its 2002!

Remember that feeling at graduation ceremony, when you realize it's all over, no more homework, no more deadlines, it's gunna be summer forever?! Well my pituitary gland is releasing those same endorphins again and it's nice. The past ten weeks have been the most intensive of schoolwork of my life thus far. And now I'm done. I finished a final and I'm happy the way it came out. For the next five weeks nothings due and no one is taking attendance. My plans involve making music, building lamps, walking around with a hoodie on, learning some code and perhaps even head north to visit our new new yorker. Just wanted to share what's going on with me, I wish everyone could experience this feeling with me.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Guess who.

I had to do a few portraits for my life drawing class and I decided to do one of this fella. Any ideas on who it is? Ok ok ok...I'll give you a hint.... I used this picture for refrence.