Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Stand up and give GOD your all!!!

My worship these days takes place at work or in the car. I am talking about the musical aspect of worship. I have not participated in a worship service in a long time but I want to really bad. So I had another thought, tell me if we can make this happen. I think it would be very cool to get together over the break and hold a worship service at somebody’s house (preferably one with good acoustics) and just hangout and love god. I have a lot more thoughts for the whole thing but I just wanted to introduce the idea so tell me what you think.

Prestin stop licking you balls

Well gang this is the plan we are going to go see A Christmas Carol at the Tulsa Pac. The show starts at 7:30 that means that we are going to have to eat early like around 5:00. I think the Pac is down town so it would be cool if we ate down there I have a few places in mind but if anyone has some ideas I would like to hear them. Oh and I we need to figure out what day would best I say Tuesday the 21st that way chap will be back. And tickets are on sale at the Tulsa Pac so just blog on how you all want to do the whole ticket thing.

I am done for now

Kevin Arnold

Hey everybody. Today is Kev's 21st birthday. Just thought I'd let you know incase you'd like to give him a ring or somethin.
His number is (904) 614-6430. That's all.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"Can you come over?"

Tomorrow I will be done with the semester that they told me would be my hardest. And it looks like I am going to make straight A's. I have learned something very important. .... Last year, when I was taking anatomy, I was so stressed in the beginning. There were so many things I had to know for that class. Several times when I planned on studying, a friend would call and need to talk or see me. It seemed like it happened all the time. It frustrated me that I had all that school work but felt like I should be with people. It was a big deal. I probably cried a few times over the pressure I felt to be responsible with the money the school was giving me and with the friendships that God gave me. Finally, I decided that people were more important than me keeping my scholarship money, and I thought that God might agree and provide for me like He always has if I invest in the things that He cares about. So that's what happened. I stopped worrying so much about my grades. I've kept my scholarship. I don't really know how the grades happen. It's not anything that I do. Last night I was at a birthday party, and I had an earth science final to study for. I was worried, and Melinda reminded me that it wasn't as important as I was making it. So I calmed down and celebrated my friend. And the science final went really well this morning. ... Jesus was interrupted too, I guess. He was always walking somewhere, and he would stop and heal someone along the way, or sit down with the kids and talk to them. I hope I don't miss any miracles along the way, because I am too busy. If any of you need to interrupt me, I will try to let you.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Black Tie Event

Well, we're not going to really wear black ties. This message is from Blake, via secretary Molly, to bring you all an exciting announcement. My thought is for us all to go to dinner and the theater sometime over Christmas break. Having a date is a requirement!!! The actually event we will attend is yet to be announced. Don't spend money, but guys and girls get dressed up in your fanciest attire. This is just a thought, I'd like this to happen. If anyone is against this, I don't give a damn what you think, and Molly better type exactly what I'm saying, because she is my secretary. Let me know what you think, more information to come.

PS. Blake and Josh went to Chick-fil-A today, ordered a 64-piece nug, and ate them all in 15 minutes, then napped like old men on Thanksgiving.