Friday, December 17, 2004


the elliot
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sorry for the lack of clarity. that's the last time i try to be clever. this is "the elliot." it's very fun and choppy. i got a mom-like variation of this cut, which is more layery, poofy, and flippy, much like a newslady's hair. i would include a picture but i don't have a digital camera. you'll just have to use your imagination.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

asked for "the elliot" "the newslady"

today was my first official day to be all done with school. to celebrate i got a haircut. femke (my roomate) and i have been wating to get hair cuts for a while now but we kept putting it off. we found this place featured in "in style" magazine so we booked appointments and went. my stylist's name was elequie. he was a very small latino man (probably couldn't clear 5 feet) with the biggest muscles and the tightest jeans i have ever seen. the best part is that he had a lisp in the way that i shamefully, stereotypically envision all small gay latino men having. it was great, exept for the whole hair cut part. i asked for "the elliot" and somehow wound up with "the newslady." he spent literally 4 minutes trying to get my hair to lay down how he wanted it to and every time it would just spring right back up. i was really proud of my hair for doing that. it made me chuckle. anyway, this is a long story about a hair cut- not the most thrilling topic. to make up for this, here is a list of interesting things i saw today (i like lists remember?):

1) i literally saw "doggies in the window" of a store. they were so cute until one started pooping and the others ate it. at that point i was pretty disgusted. i really did want to know how much they cost, but i just couldn't bring myself to go in and ask.

2) a rastafarian looking man who was quite possibly homeless screaming louder than i have ever heard any person scream really really bad things about america which i will leave out because they were just that bad

actually that's pretty much all i got. sorry if i got your hopes up.

i'm coming home tomorrow (at 2:08 pm on American Airlines flight 665, in case you were wondering). i can't believe the semester is already over. i've had such an amazing time here and i just feel really happy. i look forward to seeing all of you very often over the break.

A New Blog

i started a new blog to keep you updated when i go to england. anyone who has a blogspot account (which all of you do) can post on it too. i dont leave until february so its going to be fairly inactive until then, but you can check it out if you want.

Big China In Little England

Morning Ramblings

This morning my alarm went off at 6:45 am. I got out of bed, and suddenly, for no apparent reason, muttered, "Melvin Stickball." Do you guys ever find yourselves saying anything strange when you first get up? If you don't, what would you like to say?