Thursday, March 03, 2005

No Harley for Jason-on-you

Well tonight was the big night, and unfortunately I did not come away with a new motorcycle. But it was fun.
First, 16 of us who had "key certificates" drew out of a turny thing to see what order we would then draw a key from a treasure box. I drew number 14, out of 16, which meant that 13 people would have to choose the wrong key for me to even have a chance. So, immediately I was dissappointed because this seemed to significantly lower my chances. An hour later, we all went to the front. I'll add that a DJ from Rock 102.3 was announcing the names in order. After the first 7 or so people did not chose the right key, I started getting nervous thinking, ok I would just like to have a shot at it. So, they got to number 13, the guy right before me, and he failed as well. That meant, that I would draw out of a box of only 3 keys, to possilbly get the right one. My chances went from about 6% to 33%. So, I got up there, stretched out my neck, reached in the box, got a key, and it was the wong one! Ahh well. So, guess who got the right key? Number 16. The Last possible guy. He won by default. Anyway, it was fun and I'm glad I had a shot. The night wasn't a failure though, because then Molly and I proceeded to win money. Molly started playing a game with 10 dollars and left Creek Nation with $800! I started with 32 and left with $250! So it was a success. Ok, this post is too long. If there are any more questions about the night please feel free to ask. Goodnight.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

addictive flash game

Nanaca Crash

post your high scores if you want

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Post For Everyone

Look out of the window in the room that you are in. If there are more than one, choose one, if there are none, make one. Describe what you see, whether it be the landscape, weather, people, activity, or mood. Your response may be artistic or realistic. Post your response in the comment section. No contest, just for fun. If you choose to ignore this assignment, you are probably a boring person. I'll play too, but I'm going to run some errands first.

(By the way Sarah, you were close enough, so I changed it back)