Thursday, April 07, 2005

Funniest Thing Ever

This is what I learned at school today. There is a website in existence ( which translates text into "Snoop Speak." I took the liberty of translating our blog and it is hilarious to say the least. I don't know if it's going to work because the page will be different after i post this, but here is the link. If it doesn't work you can just go to the gizoogle page and type in this URL. Get ready to live. Bolley, I think you should permanently change your blog name to "Bollashizzous."

Sunday, April 03, 2005

the greatest shopping story ever told

Okay, since MUTM lacks girlieness, I thought I would share a true story with all of you that is oozing with estrogen....

Once upon a time, two years ago to be exact, two roommates (Erin and Melinda) went to Dillards to try on pretty dresses. (Girls do this sometimes for fun, I guess. That may not make a lot of sense to some fellas, but that's just what girls do.) Anyways, on this fateful day Erin found a very beautiful, flattering, fun black dress which she took to the fitting room and tried on. Melinda, who had brought the camera, pulled it out of her purse and snapped a quick shot of Erin twirling in this perfect dress. Since Erin did not have $120 to buy the dress that day, she figured a picture would be a nice way to remember how she felt in that amazing gown.

So blah blah blah....days, months, and years go by. This picture stayed on Erin's computer, because she could not bring herself to just forget about this masterpiece design.

One day the girls received news that there would be a ball at the Castle in Muskogee. Melinda had found a flowy, purple fairiesque gown that she would wear to the party. "If only I had something beautiful to wear for my prince," Erin thought to herself. "I'll have to wear something from my closet." Giving up dreams of wearing something new and exciting, Erin settled on the fact that she would wear something that everyone had already seen. There would not be anything special about the way she looked. Her prince wouldn't care anyways. It did not matter if she couldn't afford a new dress for the castle party, right?

But on the dark, fateful night of April 2, 2005 Erin pulled into the parking lot of Ross Dress for Less, just to take a look. She had a feeling that maybe she could find something for the dance and fulfill that desire in her heart to look special for just one night. The store was closing in fifteen minutes, so she quickly walked to the dress section. The prince had mentioned that he liked polka dots. "That dress from Dillards two years ago had polka dots," she thought to herself. "That dress is long gone now. Lord, help me find a dress. It has to be perfect, or I am not going to buy it." Erin walked down the aisles with rags upon rags of hideous garbs. "It's in here somewhere." Then suddenly, at the end of the size 20 Women's World dresses, was the dress. The beautiful, flattering, fun black dress from two years ago. "I can't believe this," she said. She pulled the tag out, and sure enough, it was her size. She took it back towards the dressing room bursting with excitement. "I thought I would never see this dress again," she thought.

When she reached the back of the store, a shopping cart was blocking off the dressing rooms. "I'm too late!" she thought. An attendant walked by. "Are the dressing rooms open?" Erin asked. "No, you'll have to come back tomorrow to try those on. We are getting everything cleared out," the attendant said. "Oh...okay," Erin said as her heart sank. The attendant looked into Erin's eyes, smiled and said, "Well, sneak in here and be quick." "Thank you so much," Erin said with excitement. She ran into the fitting room, threw on the dress and smiled when she looked in the mirror. Her prince was going to love this dress. She looked at the price. Only $19.99! What a miracle! Erin could not believe that the dress had made its way back to her at the perfect time and for the perfect price. She quickly took it to the register and paid for it. And Erin and the dress lived happily ever after. The End.

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The picture from two years ago