Saturday, April 16, 2005

hear ye, hear ye

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Erin and Melinda had a ball (at the ball). Melinda's dress was complete with fairy wings (which she shared with her date when he felt like flittering around). Erin felt very beautiful in her special dress. Even though the two roommates may have gotten food poisoning from the royal feast, both of them agree that the night was a success.

Friday, April 15, 2005

i ask for prayer

My Granddad has been going through allot this past year. His wife is dieing of lung cancer and well it’s been sad. When I last vested him we went to wall-mart just to pick up some things and we met a few people there that he knew. They asked how he was and he would say well I don’t know Shirley (my step-grandma) is not doing so well. Then he would ask them to come by and visit. Well any ways he had a stroke some time today and I did not find out till just about 10 minutes ago. Growing up I was never very close to my grandfather but over the past five or six years I have gotten the chance to know him. I have not been talking to the man up stars much lately and I do not know really what to ask of him but I know things like this need to be prayed over and well if you happen to find your self talking to man in charge could you maybe put in a word for my granddads situation.

By the way Jimmy Doyle yes I said jimmy Doyle. Jimmy and ammy had their boy today

Monday, April 11, 2005

Diddly Doo forever

I don't know anything about that picture, but it seemed like a good way to start off the week.

A very interesting thing happened today. I woke up and took a shower, and between my second shampooing and conditioning I suddenly remember the cartoon Doug, and more specifically the "bangin' on a trash can" song that he, his dog Porkchop, his best friend Skeeter, and his crush Patti, performed. I sung this song all day, in my head and outloud.

And I only know the "bangin' on a trash can, drumming on a street light, strumming on my banjo, some little voice is calling me calling me" part. So I basically repeated that all day. And it wasn't that annoying, even though my sister thought I was a fool. Her favorite cartoon was always Rugrats, while I, being older and mature prefered the more sophisticated humor and the intelligent stories of Doug. This was all Nickelodeon days mind you, none of the Disney abomination that became Doug. So, after a while I went to play soccer with my dogs outside. After an hour of that, I came in and headed to the shower, still singing that song, and I had starting to get annoyed with it. Then, to my suprise and delight, as I was lathering up my loofah, a new song popped into my head. This time, I was honored to be singing the beloved Edelweiss, as performed by Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music. Except that I only know the part where he says "Edelweiss, edelweiss" and then I would hum the melody and make up my own words as I saw fit. But I found that you can really belt out edelweiss even if you don't know the proper words.

Writing all this out, the story sounds amusing, but not exactly interesting. I just found both the quick turn ons of songs in my head and the vast differences between the songs my head chose neat, and thought I should share.

P.S. during the day I downloaded the "bangin on a trash can" song as well as several hits by the beets including "I need more allowance" and "killer tofu". They can all be found on the fast track network should you want them.