Thursday, April 21, 2005

Windows ads may have been made using a Mac...

I'll continue with the nerd posts...

MS uses a mac?

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Good News. Tonight after a long hard training shift, I came home to an email from Berklee. They informed me that I have been accepted to the school but because my application was a little late I have a few options.
Option 1 is I can be put on a waiting list for Fall 2005 to see if seats open up.
Option 2 gives me the chance to be on the list for Fall, and if I don't get it I automatically will have a spot secured for Spring 2006.
Option 3 is to just secure my spot for next Spring.
So yeah, awesome news. I'm most likely going to go with Option 3 so I can work here and save up money, and that way I will be sure to get the best from financial aid and housing. Thanks for everyone's support and prayers. I feel very happy and I'm thrilled about starting this.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

QT coupon

just got the email for current QT promotion :(
whoever wants a coupon for a free angus burger, be the first to comment and ill forward the email to you. i havent clicked on the link yet so its stillllll good.

Monday, April 18, 2005

adobe to acquire macromedia

ok, leave it to me to do the nerdy posting.
as mac minute reports:

Adobe to buy Macromedia
Adobe Systems today announced that it plans to acquire Macromedia in a stock-based deal valued at approximately US$3.4 billion. "The combination of Adobe and Macromedia strengthens our mission of helping people and organizations communicate better," the companies said in a statement. "Through the combination of our powerful development, authoring and collaboration tools –- and the complementary functionality of PDF and Flash -– we have the opportunity to drive an industry-defining technology platform that delivers compelling, rich content and applications across a wide range of devices and operating systems. By combining the passion and creativity of two leading-edge companies, we will continue driving innovations that are changing the ways people everywhere are experiencing and interacting with information."

some of you may not realize, but this is gonna be wAcKy. adobe is already the industry leading creative software company and the only thing that can hold a candle to them is macromedia.. given, they specialize mostly in different areas of software, but with this merger, adobe will run the entire gamut of creative software and create a monopoly.

speaking of i dont know much about computers.. has anyone heard from nick kester lately?