Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ohio: At Least It's Not Michigan

This summer I will be living in Ohio. Columbus. I will be doing an interaction design internship for a consulting firm. Lextant. I will probably need to buy some new clothes. Business casual.This is the official invitation to everyone, come visit me and experience the real Ohio. Not any of that hollywood beeswax.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

How I met Baby Chicken.

It all started Freshman year at OU. We were all fresh in college, love was in the air, and Apple had just released iChat, allowing Mac users to chat across the local network. Now, being the crazy teen I was, I looked to see who was on. Low and behold one name came up...and it was "Evan Gale" I sent him a message asking where he was, if he wanted to cyber, what have you. And he ended up to being living a few doors down. Next step was meeting him, and boy was I nervous. He was so cute! with is red cheeks, and taste for the English culture. So, we hung out, swapped software...THEN...made this video.

Laundry mat hi-jinx

...and its been all down hill from there. Thank you baby chicken for all the good times.

mike check

i am honored to say that i am now on the vip list for mutm. i know everyone has been waiting for this day as much as i have. i love you all.

Monday, May 02, 2005

"Today" Tomorrow

sorry justin, i hate when people post something new right after someone has just posted something, but i needed to tell everyone to watch the today show tomorrow because i'm going to be on there with a special happy birthday message for ms. erin "bollashizzous" bolley. so yeah, watch it if you're awake. sorry again.

in honor of Mac OS X Tiger's recent release...

Original artwork by former PC user Jason Graham: