Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Anne + Erin =

I have just seen the future residence of Miss Hullinger and Miss Bolley here in Columbus. You may want to hold off for a while though, it seems the majority of residents are over the age of 70.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Fish food

"Supa" looks nice.

A bit of a news flash folks

As many of you know, Sarah and I went to Columbus, and it was very fun. And it was very funny. And, in an effort to tell people about the fun and funny things that went on but limit the we-had-a-fun-roadtrip-too-bad-you-didn't-come bragging type vibe that is occasionally associated with such intentions, only the top 3 moments will be mentioned, and that is all. Unless you want more. 'Cause baby, there is plenty more.

In no particular order:

On some roller coaster at cedar point called the top speed dragster or something (we waited over 2 hours for this, and spent a lot of that time playing 20 questions until Sarah got frustrated) Sarah made two of the best faces ever. Ever. And lucky enough for everyone, both faces are captured on a neat 5x7 picture, which came complete with a paper frame thing and an impressive list of numerical feats the roller coaster achieves. So check that out.

At some point prior to traveling to cedar point, someone had the idea of camping out in the back of my truck. So, we did. But that is the climax. The build up is fun too. We went grocery shopping and bought a loaf of jewish dark rye, miracle whip, provalone cheese, powdered donuts, water, flavored water, pickles, ham, turkey, nesquik, animal crackers, chips, and hawaiian bread. We packed these things in a cooler that had a radio on it but no batteries and stored it in the bed of the truck. We also put several blankets and pillows in the bed of the truck. We also put chap's mattress in the bed of the truck. It worked out very well because the mattress would not lay flat for the wheel wells stuck in about 8 inches on either side, and this left an under-mattress stow area. Unfortunately, this under-mattress stow area, when laid upon by people intending to sleep on it forms a bit of a pita. With the mattress as the bread. And Chap, Sarah, and Evan forming the tasty ingredients. And Chap, being as big as Sarah plus Evan, taking over the pita, and shaking the entire pita when he suddenly wakes up and kicks about. Years from now, I look foreword to reminiscing (haha, THAT was a good word joke) about this evening, about how my left arm was stretched to its limit for several hours, about how great the wheel well felt digging into my stomach, about thinking that I would never fall asleep with my body leaning half on the wheel well and half not, about many things really. But I will enjoy every one. Also, we got lost driving up to cedar point. So a normally 2-3 hour trip took 4-5 hours. So that was good too.

We arrived in Columbus very late whatever night we arrived. And apparently, Chap had had a swell night. I will let him tell you about that if he wants. Anyway, we weren't going to be staying in his room. So we stayed in Tim's room. Tim was nice enough to leave for a few days, and nice enough to leave us a bed and jersey knit sheets to sleep on. Tim, though previously very nice, was also very mean, and thought it a good idea to own a cat. This cat was named Blue, and it was very large. And it seemed like Blue thought Tim's room was HIS room, no doubt because there was a very strong scent of cat urine, probably Blue's, in the room. And, in the bed. And everywhere, really. The whole upstairs smelled like cat urine. The smell became even stronger when Chap's other roommate John moved his girlfriend in. Along with the girl came another cat, Gracie. Gracie, I think, was a bit of a feminist cat, and I suspect when she smelled the blatant musk of Blue, wanted to cover it up, or at least add too it. In the end, we bared cats from the room and washed the sheets. I also taught Chap that you can wash comforters. And I learned that Sarah doesn't much like cats. And I, now, like cat's much less.

I am probably going to start my own blog. I don't know what it will be called yet, and I don't really know what it will be about, most likely nothing interesting nor funny, so it should be a big hit with the MUTM crowd. If you are interested, check my profile every now and then, as it will be linked there.