Friday, August 26, 2005

Y'all ready for this?

if you take nothing else from this picture, please notice the difference between my face, evan's face, and chap's...hands. also, fyi the picture on the left is on the way up, we had just been accelarated from 0 to 120 mph in 4 seconds and were beginning to climb 420 feet. the one on the right is when we are beginning to stop. it was a CRAZY 20 second ride that was totally worth the 2 hour wait.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

tamed the mane

wheres that justin clark? he said he'd give me 100 bucks to cut off all my hair off.
so i got a job at outback steakhouse and i had to chop the long hair... i was even savin up to donate. not really.

Monday, August 22, 2005

flames are harder than they look

First of all, yes, I do still have a half-dozen dove decoys attached to my car.

When I moved back down to Norman I didn't have a computer desk, and the ones back home were too big to bring down or were in use. so I needed to find one. Mike and I looked around for a bit and found a couple of old ones in his garage/shed. The one I set my sights on was in pretty crummy condition. I knew we were going to have to fix it up, so I figured I would paint some flames on it to make it look really really really really fast. I forgot to take picture of it before we did all the dirty work, so I'll just hit the key points. It had been sitting on the bare ground in the shed and was covered in dust and dirt. There were very large unidentifiable insects crawling all over it. The bottom board had about 10,000 worm larvae looking things living in it, so we knocked it out and threw it as far away from us as we could.

After cleaning it up real nice we sanded it down, painted the inside royal blue, and painted the exterior a calming baby chicken blue.

Now came the hard part.. drawing the flames to make a stencil. It took me about 1.5 hours and alot of rejection from mike before finalizing the flames. Badda bing badda boom, we had a stencil.

We threw on a layer of pink followed by a layer of purple

After getting both halves painted, I sanded it down to give it a worn beachy look. Aaaaand here she is...
Thanks to Mike for his unfailing assistance and big muscles.