Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tom Foolery

So I have to tell this story, cause i laugh everytime i think about it. Ok heres the setup. It's saturday night October 29th and justin, erin, melinda, and i show up to The National concert, but the doors are still closed due to the sound check. Now we are tryin to kill time so we decide to play a game of team hide and seek....oh yeah. Teams are split Justone and Erin vs. Melinda and I. Of course the teams are already unfair cause everyone knows me and melinda can kick justone and erin's asses. Anyways, Melinda and i decide to hide first. Justone and erin started counting, while we franticly looked for a hiding spot. We walked in between these two buildings down a dark alley to find the perfect hiding spot; a dumpster. So I open the side hatch, Melinda checks for dead bodies and bums, and we jump in. It was surprisingly nice inside. Not much smell. Melinda and I had the brilliant idea to scare them as they opened the hatch, i mean it was halloween weekend. So finally we hear the side hatch being opened, Melinda and I immediately scream. Scared the piss out of em'. Little did we know that it was some random dude throwing away a couple of boxes. He had this freaked look on his face and started falling backwards, while throwing the boxes and trying to hit us. We tried to explain that we were playing hide and seek, but he didnt really care and walked off muttering something like "You guys better be lucky I'm not gay!" Ya i have no idea what it was supposed to mean, but i was glad that he wasnt gay or else...... So we are frozen in the dumpster cause we don't want to get out and have the akwardness if the guy was still walking away. Justone and Erin showed up shortly after hearing Melinda screaming "We're playing hide and seek" to the guy. And to make a long story short, me and Melinda are the best hide and seek players ever. The End.