Thursday, August 24, 2006

Free* Bowling

I have just received a coupon stating "Free* Game of Bowling for up to 10 people!"

So the first 10 people to reply and guarantee their arrival will automatically win 1 Free* Game of Bowling. I'm thinking Tuesday, August 29th around 8 pm, but I'm flexible.

*does not include shoe rental

Sunday, August 20, 2006


the headline is just to spark some of the old Brad Witty controversy that we all remember from the ole days. so everybody yell at me again.

for no reason i decided to visit this site after months of absence just to see what you guys were up to. and i saw that molly had mentioned me in a post. i feel bad that i don't keep up with you guys better. i'm going to start checking back once a week again. there's no reason to not stay in touch with you guys. you all make me laugh and are very nice loving people.

things are fine here in dallas. i think i'm about to quit my newspaper job because the drive to frisco everyday really sucks and i'm tired of covering city council meetings. i'll probably get a job at this fancy pants french restaurant that is about five minutes from my apartment. that way i can focus writing on actual things i enjoy. maybe i'll do a short film too. everyone who reads this comment on what you are up to lately. i am so in the dark.

also, here's a video i did with my brother in law. it is slighlty slowed down, which makes it silly.