Thursday, August 31, 2006

Funny ichat conversation

Here's an ichat conversation Justin and I had that I thought was funny.

Brad Witty: hey justinographer
cowardsneverwin: hola
Brad Witty: how's it going?
Brad Witty: you like the band phoenix right?
3:00 PM
Brad Witty: you like to talk to me right?
cowardsneverwin: haha, yes
cowardsneverwin: sorry, im at worka dirka
3:05 PM
Brad Witty: i see.
Brad Witty: talkity walkity on the phonity?
Brad Witty: inernety brokity! helpity!
cowardsneverwin: yeppity yep
cowardsneverwin: oh noity!
Brad Witty: bad poetry oh noetry!
cowardsneverwin: my computeritys on fireity!
cowardsneverwin: haha
Brad Witty: haha
Brad Witty: that's why i keep a bucket of water next to my computer
Brad Witty: hey! do you have to work on friday, september 15?
cowardsneverwin: nope
cowardsneverwin: why
Brad Witty: phoenix is playing in dallas
cowardsneverwin: whoaoaoaooaa
cowardsneverwin: lemme check my sched
Brad Witty: k
cowardsneverwin: OH MAN
cowardsneverwin: I CANT GO
cowardsneverwin: what a suck fest
Brad Witty: dang
cowardsneverwin: those bastards should coordinate
Brad Witty: i'd see phoenix deaf before i'd see the flaming lips
Brad Witty: exactly!
cowardsneverwin: haha
cowardsneverwin: yeah.. man.
cowardsneverwin: i wish i woulda known
Brad Witty: oh well.
3:10 PM
Brad Witty: man, we haven't hung out in a coon's age
cowardsneverwin: coons are damn old too
cowardsneverwin: its because you moved to hell country
Brad Witty: sometimes it feels like that outside
Brad Witty: and the devil lives here too
Brad Witty: what a jerk
Brad Witty: never mows his yard
Brad Witty: next time i go to tulsa for family maybe you will be there
Brad Witty: or i could come to norman to see chuck as well
cowardsneverwin: yeah, its on the way
cowardsneverwin: sorta..
Brad Witty: driving long distances sucks
Brad Witty: i'm driving to houston next weekend
cowardsneverwin: how far is that from dallas?
Brad Witty: 4 hours
cowardsneverwin: man, texas is too big
cowardsneverwin: they need to make some new states outta that place
Brad Witty: it needs to go on a diet
Brad Witty: i know, you could get like four more states out of it
3:15 PM
Brad Witty: i'm thinking one called "Saspatchiwanola"
Brad Witty: or "Gregaranza"
Brad Witty: (to appeal to our growing spanish population)
3:20 PM
cowardsneverwin: hahaha
cowardsneverwin: i was gonna suggest the spanish word for "Home" but then i realized i dont
know it
Brad Witty: casa
cowardsneverwin: dammit!
cowardsneverwin: casa!
cowardsneverwin: thats an easy one
Brad Witty: yeah, they'll dig that
Brad Witty: es for us and our broke-ass english! they'll say
cowardsneverwin: heh
3:25 PM
Brad Witty: here's a crazy idea that just might work
Brad Witty: we give the mexicans their very own state in the US
Brad Witty: as many illegal aliens can come in as they want, but they can only live in that one state
Brad Witty: i'm taking that to congress
cowardsneverwin: haha
cowardsneverwin: well.. what about jobs and healthcare and all their benefits?
cowardsneverwin: they would still be leaching
Brad Witty: no, we're like, "here, this is a part of america. you have the same opportunity in this state as
you would in any other. now make it happen! go for it!"
cowardsneverwin: so they get no contribution from our government?
Brad Witty: umm...if they're citizens they do
cowardsneverwin: so its basically a state that turns its head from illegal aliens
cowardsneverwin: but they can become citizens
Brad Witty: if they go through the naturalization process
Brad Witty: the only difference form the current situation is that we just put them all in one state
cowardsneverwin: so its like purgatory
Brad Witty: hahaha
3:30 PM
Brad Witty: and as catholics, they are very familiar with that
cowardsneverwin: hahaha
Brad Witty: so they can stay in mexico (hell) or Casa! (purgatory)
cowardsneverwin: its just like the bible
3:35 PM
cowardsneverwin: figuratively speaking, we're all in mexico now
cowardsneverwin: ahhhhh
Brad Witty: aaaahhhh
Brad Witty: its so hot. dang, is it just me, or is the work ethic really high in here?
cowardsneverwin: haha