Saturday, January 15, 2005

Get It While It's Hot!

Spankin' new Step Sisterz song, enjoy.

Step Sisterz - My Robot From Mars

Sunday, January 09, 2005

raphael was cuter

So big week this week. First, Elektra opens up this week. Who is excited? Oh, only one? That's too bad. After all, check out this heart-breaking image:

Back to things that matter...CARLOS BELTRAN!
Now he is part of the Mets, the other New York baseball team. He was bought for 119 million dollars, and maybe that is what a 38 home run man is worth.

Movie of the week (aside from Elektra and 13 going on 30 (in case we need to be remember that she is an ok person)) has got to be Seeing Other People. It is very funny.

Second movie of the week is A Home at the End of the World. It is a good movie to watch if for no other reason than Collin Farrell

Men in kilts are not to be trifled with.