Saturday, August 14, 2004

Ah Man Brian!

Congratulations to Brian. If you didn't know, he got a sweet job at OU as the Super Computer Technician. That means he fixes everything that has to do with computers and he gets free computers whenever he wants. Let's hear a round of applause for the future Bill Gates.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

feast of strength?

as some of you may know, i have to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. consequently, i can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight. when justin had his done, we had a "feast of strength." anyone up for FOS Part II? i was thinking of going to bueno around 11:30 tonight and then going to a park or somewhere to eat. if you want to come, call me or leave a comment.

how conceited is apple...

So does apple think that Microsoft has nothing better to do than copy them?? Have a look at these pictures and tell me what you think.

Tiger vs. Longhorn

PS - Redmond is a part of MS and Longhorn is the next version of Windows, for the uninformed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

a great idea

hey, you know what would be rad? since all of you guys have blogger accounts now, you should go to my blog and post comments. the more input i have, the better the posts get!

in other news, the killers are an awesome new band and i recommend checking out their album "hot fuss" on itunes.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Back to School for Bolley

Well, I'm back at Oral Roberts. I really love this place. I love being here with these people. Melinda and I are unpacking our stuff, and making this new space our home. It's pretty cool, I think. We have a toilet, a sink and bunk beds! Other than the disgusting smell in the hall, Braxton is pretty perfect. I am really excited about this year. Junior year was my favorite year in highschool, so maybe college will be the same. It's the year when you are really settled, and you don't have to set any major decisions about what your going to do next. I'm anxious to get started. One more day of summer...swimming and sushi sounds good to me.

Here's Number One

I just got this up and running... or i just figured out how to post... I'm not really sure. It's pretty lonely out in central Oklahoma, except for this fly that I can't get out of my apartment, but I've been finding things to keep me busy. I got a job at Office Max in the copy center, and it's probably the most boring job in the world, but it's a job and it's good hours. I just got the internet today, and I'm really excited that I can be connected with the world again. Living without cable or internet is doable, but it's pretty lonely. I wish I had a fun story I could tell everyone, but I guess I will have to think one up for my next post. I just wanted to get one out there so you guys wouldn't think I didn't want to do this.
Oh, if you want to read an anti-war book, read the Iliad. It will make you never want to start/have/participate in a war.

Monday, August 09, 2004

summer la la la la la

since most of us only have one more true "summer" after this, and most of us won't be having anymore "kid" summers, which has been the best summer of your life? mine would have to be summer of 2001. I was 17 and a counselor at camp dry gulch USA. i did activities with little kids all day and prayed with them before they went to bed at night. it was a great summer serving God. Anyway, more specifically, the best moment of that summer was at teen camp when me and four other counselors did YMCA, dressed impeccably like the Village People. I was the sailor (there was a sailor wasn't there?) If we hadn't been staff we might have won first. Now for your stories.