Friday, February 11, 2005

Odd days

This has been a strange week. My parents have been out of town, so I have been working by myself. I have been at my parents showroom at 6 every morning. And I am the only one here. I take phone calls, place orders, enter numbers, answer emails, whatever. For this week, I am my dad's company. My first order of business was to set Firefox as the default browser on all the computers.

Everything for next semester is taken care of. Now I just wait.

My sister is sick, so I am also taking care of her this week.

I saw a few good movies this week. Where is Danny Deckchair? is really neat.

It has Miranda Otto, the cute girl from Lord of The Rings

who reminds me of Anne

and Rhys Ifans

who reminds me of no one. It was a really happy movie, and while not being anything new, is well done and has enough newness to it so that you don't feel like you've watched it before..

I also watched The Door in the Floor

It had some very good parts and some slow parts and overall I liked it, but it reminds me too much of House of Sand and Fog

which made me feel sad.